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House of Kolor

With the introduction of new polymers and innovative chemistry we are able to meet and exceed waterbourne with a solvent based system and allow you the painter to create hundreds of easy to mix and use of kolors that are the most exciting, from the latest pearl technology. Shimrin2 basecoats are ultra productive, easy to apply and range from Metallic Basecoats (BC), Pearl Basecoats (PBC), and Kandy Basecoats (KBC). Shrimrin2 Basecoats are a three component system that consists of S2 FX Karrier Bases, S2-FX Effect Pacs and RU Series Kosmetic reducers. This new system is the future of custom painting available now, compliant throughout the USA and Canada.

ANi Spray Guns

Since 1962, ANi Spray Guns and Compressed Air Products are unsurpassed in quality. Manufactured in Vicenza Northern Italy. ANi has continued to focus on expanding their business and producing nothing but the best quality products. Because of this, ANi is exporting 70% of their product in over 80 countries across all four continents, D & E is proud to be an exclusive distribution partner of this fine line of quality products.

Automotive Art

Founded in 1990, Automotive Art was founded by partners Dereck Foster and Hugh Blades when they recognized that there was a change coming in the refinish market. Automotive Art is the largest Auto-Care line of car enhancement products and services in the Caribbean. Automotive Art is available in over 24 countries and is regarded as one of the highest quality paint manufacturer’s in the world.

Auveco Products

We have the world’s largest selection of specialty automotive and industrial fasteners. We service our customer’s needs through our worldwide network of authorized Auveco distributors and market through traditional channels of distribution. Selling only to authorized distributors and O.E. manufacturers, and working together with other industries such as Geno Industries, the Auveco catalog is regarded as “The Encyclopedia of The Automotive Body Hardware Industry”. At over 800 pages, our latest edition features actual size pictures as well as complete specifications and dimensions for over 20,000 parts.

Bullard & Marvel Abrasives

Bullard Abrasives leads the way with ultra durable grinding and abrasive products used by a multitude of manufacturing and industrial metal production facilities, It is a company that continues to stand tall and proud for nearly 92 years.

Dominion Sure Seal

Dominion Sure Seal Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers for sealants, protective coatings and adhesives primarily in the automotive paint, body and equipment industry. As a global leader in the industry with nearly 40 years of experience, Dominion Sure Seal will provide many quality products to get the job done.

Endura Coatings

We have engineered and developed hundreds of coating solutions designed to solve a wide array of functional issues related to the industry. If you’re an OEM, Exterior, Powertrain or Interior Systems Integrator, Tier I, II or III supplier, we understand your manufacturing & tooling environments and the production problems you routinely face.


Geno Industries (also known as Les Industries) was a company created in 1979 as a parts distributor for automotive and industrial sectors. Working with other companies and industries such as Dominion Sure Seal and Auveco, it was only a matter of time until D&E Distributors worked with Geno Industries. We are pleased to be working with Geno Industries and will be providing a large quantity of their products to our clients.

KBS Coatings

Founded in America, KBS Coatings has continued to make high quality products for over 85 years. KBS has remained at the forefront for Rust Prevention Products, Gas Tank Sealers, Clear Coat Paints, Extreme Temperature Coatings and many more. We look forward to seeing what new innovative products KBS will produce in the future and we will continue to support them every step of the way!


Malco Products suplies a wide vatiety of products for autobody repair, paint restoration and refinishing as well as a full line of automotive detailing products.


Since 1901 Meguiar’s has earned the trust of millions of consumers and professional detailers by producing the finest surface and car care products in the world. On our site you will find a wide range of products for car detailing, marine and RV care, as well as professional auto detailing supplies.

Motivated Painters

Motivated Painters provides high quality automotive paint suits to create the perfect experience for their customers. Washable, comfortable, durable and stylish, simply the best paint suit in the industry and modeled from high quality racing suits. D&E proud to be Western Canada’s only distributor of Motivated Painters Paint Suits.


Norton Abrasives has grown exponentially to become one of the 400 largest industrial companies in the United States. Now, after 134 years, Norton Abrasives is continuing to create high quality products to provide the best abrasive applications to customers and provide solutions that matter to them.

Por 15

POR-15 from POR Products presents high quality coatings to protect against rust. The combination used to make POR-15 protects the surface against water, chemicals, salt, UV rays, corrosive contaminants, and every day wear and tear. This will protect cars and structures alike and we are happy to be a provider of this product!


Protek is known for their broad variety of quality industrial and manufacturing equipment. They also offer pressure tanks and undercoating systems as well as regulators, gun cleaning kits, cup strainers and paint shakers. If you want something, Protek will most likely have it!

SEM Products

SEM Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of innovative repair and refinishing products including Color Coat™ and Sure-Coat™ Interior Coatings, and many more items that make our customers’ day to day operations run smoother. Our products are defined by quality to exceed our customers’ needs.


The industry’s leader in paint finish restoration and protection technology as well as a complete line of automotive cleaning and detailing products ensures the finest of any show finish. SONAX continues to grow with the support of our dedicated distributors, D&E is proud to be a provider and we look forward to seeing what SONAX will do next.


As the fifth largest North American manufacturer of paints and coatings, Valspar was originally a product created by Valentine & Company in 1905-1906 and was the first to manufacture a clear varnish that was used in industrial and automotive paint finishing. Valspar continues to grow and is known for it’s superior OEM paint color match technology.


3M is a science company that has nearly 100 years of experience in the automotive industry providing a large amount of products to help with designing, manufacturing, or repairing your vehicle. This allows for the perfect customization for your vehicle at a fair price and will help in keeping your vehicle in excellent condition.